BWC: Morning

Last bit cheers
there are two versions I’m working on for my entry
The method I’m using to enhance the nose is using a 'subtract" brush and then smudging and bluring to make the tones work, but with the nose’s more realistic it darkens the eyes…and I dont like how it comes out any opinion on this is much wanted ^^
I’m using GIMP
thank you ^^
the model on the left (me) is the un touched
the model on the right is Stephy (my gf) is the model I’m practicing on)
the left picture is the edited
the right is the un edited
which one is better?
(note these are the best SSS settings I could get


Way too much SSS. They look like rubber dolls a little. Other than that, this looks like a really cool pic!

nice setting, but her neck looks too long

the right image looks better in my opinion

Great images - a sure star.