BWC - Multifunctional Teaspoon

Here’s my BWC entry. C&C?

Hahaha, funny, but functionality being believable = 0…lol. Needs some adjustments…haha

Yeah, I’m still working on the items of the other arms…
Hope I finish on time, we’ve got test week comin’ up… :-? :smiley:
There’s gonna be a remote for it too! 8) :smiley:

Looks great :). This is a great concept.


Thanks b01c!

Here’s a test render with DOF and a standard added to it.
Also, I don’t know what to put on the other arms. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

a cell phone or a PDA. i like the idea, but how do you hold it?

Hey, that’s a pretty good question! :frowning: :expressionless: :-? :smiley: :expressionless:
Thanks for the tips, I’m right on it! :smiley:

Added the PDA running Blender 2.33. Keep the C&C comin’! :smiley:

Here’s an update, begun the scenery and added Suzanne… Always handy to have a CG monkey within reach! :smiley: (the writing on the blackboard is a test)

Lookin cool sofar, keep it up. But whats the point of the monkey?

Just a placeholder (don’t know what to put there yet) :-?