[BWC] Smells good :)

Hi All,
This is my entry for the Blender World Cup, as you can see it needs a lot of work.
I tried to mess with DOF but I couldn’t make the FG and BG blurred and have a clean middle (from the man to the dog) I also want to improve the grass and have a partical system to blur the air above the chocolate soft serve (what did you think it was?:eyebrowlift2:)
I will also try to clean up everything… characters, more interesting background, better lighting, etc.
Looking forward to your comments :eek:


:Domfg ya modelled dog poo!!!:evilgrin:

all the best…lets see how it turns out

Try AO or AAO if you want nice lighting. I think it improves every picture.

I really like the camera angle and how you’ve managed to put a lot of emphasis on the chocolate swirlie.

Not much to say about anything else, because everything seems to very primitive.

New chair’s better grass and the DOF is okish…?

@fieldgunner :oyep
@blendn4Jesus Thank you:)
@EmmanuelBarroga Thanks, The idea was to focus on the dog hence the DOF to take away from the foreground, this is to fit in with the moment in time theme, something has happened… something is about to happen;) Also I am going to update thing as I have time, next is the table then the meat (yes its meat) then some more BG activity and then maybe better characters and particles…


OK, so I think the blur is looking a little better, I rendered it separate then stuck them together in gimp, I am now playing with fur on the dog, any advice…?



the grass could be thicker

Hi, I have unfortunately had issues which have prevented me working on the BWC for the last week or so, so therefore I will have to submit a rush job, I think I will keep working on it after the comp is over though…

@hessless, Yes, I think the new grass is better, I was trying to use particles but couldnt figure out how to get anything but lines, the new grass is moddled.

@blendi’n 4 Jesus, The dog is also particles, I have left it as is as it is far away and the thin lines seems ok, I may have combed it to much maybe?


So I entered, but it didn’t go well… Here are some of the things that went wrong: after starting the render at 2 am this morning I didn’t check the render settings (which were still set to %50 from the test renders I was doing) Went to work this morning and got home an hour and a half before the dead line, realized the mistake and tried to start another render with lower quality settings (which is still going now after the comp is closed. I doubled the size of the original image in gimp and submitted that with about 3 min left on the website countdown, we will see if it was within time. There is a lot I am not happy with but it has been a real learning experience for me and I look forward to better renders in the future, I will keep this WIP open and keep trying to improve the image if I can.
Good luck to all the entrants :slight_smile: