BWC: Sounding the Alarm: Finished!!

Hello to all, I am throwing around a lot of ideas for the bwc. This is one of them.

Part of the scene, full scene coming soon!

It isn’t too bad. I am not a huge fan of the stars and trees but they aren’t too bad. Depends on how much detail you want since this isn’t the whole scene yet. Good luck!

Thanks. I finally got the full scene to render. My computer is a little slow.

Take a look at this thread:

Here is the rest. My computer’s a little slow, so it took a while to render.

you should take your time and think about color and simple lighting no subsurf …too much makes things look tooooo organic sometimes. you could actually get a sun light from your land if you used you imagination …like logical thinking? Like reflections or halos or something ???original tho ill say

I am a noob nut I like a good result when i see one…So…
you have caused me to test this effects and try to get a good result within 5 ours now it is 3:29 am in the morning its okay I had fun doing this so here is my example…I used the lamp .and the rest was done in blender…this is still a WIP…:stuck_out_tongue:

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email if you want help goodnight.

can you explain what Bwc is ?

also i’ll be placing the sun around the scene and the lamp to give it a time …to show
areas and surfaces where the sun should hit and where isnt.


I placed the sun low but the landscape should be dim then?so ill edit tomorrow okay show you my update then see ya…:smiley:

The bwc is the Blender World Cup. It is an annual contest to push us above and beyond our limits. For more info, go to the webpage ( (Sorry, I can’t post links for some reason.) Ironic, I am a noob, too, somewhat. I’ve used blender for about 9 months.

I’ll go ahead and show you where I am placing her in my scene. Can someone please show me how to make the particles on her hair not react too wierdly.

I’m putting this table in the scene. Don’t know where yet.


tell me what you think.

Well, here’s a little push. Get up early in the morning, soon, like maybe tomorrow, while it’s dark outside and you can still see the stars. Go out and watch until the sun is above the horizon. Take notes. I suspect it’s been a while since you’ve seen a sunrise.

I am in a horse barn at sunrise, so I’ll try. Thanks a lot.

I’ll help he he like i am constantly and find a good product hair is very important!
So I’ll set it up and show you how the soft body should be set to give her healthy firm hair

Thanks a lot! i am really thankful for you guys!

Here is a really good thread that has sky textures. You could look through them and get a feel for what you want the sky to look like and what mood you want to bring to the scene.

Free Hires Skymaps

Thanks, Jimtuv, but I want the stars. Too bad the thread doesn’t have a clear night texture. The stars have a symbolic meaning to me.

For stars, don’t use Blender’s default setting. Use a sky mesh (a dome or w/e) and create a starscape in Photoshop or GIMP. I found a Starscape tutorial online that you could use. It is a Photoshop tutorial, but if you know how to use GIMP well then you can easily do it in Gimp. Here is a starscape I made, but with a total different tutorial. It is really deep-space, I don’t think you need to do that. Maybe just the stars. You don’t need the nebula, space dust, or the planet.


Hey N00bhaxor, is there anything wrong with the way I made the stars? I duplicated a UVsphere scaled down, put a very light yellow material on them and set them to emit a little light. The actual black sky is the render background color (or what ever you call it) set to key. Is there anything wrong with this?!? Oh and my version of GIMP is corrupted I think. It won’t open Jpg’s.

Hello. After much consideration I placed the table in the scene. Moved some stars around, working on a nice ceramic lamp to go on the table and some books or something of that nature.

Comments are welcome and appreciated. :wink:


I didn’t say it was wrong, I’m just trying to help lol. I’m saying the default star setting produces very generic stars. They are all the same. Producing your own in a 2d manipulation program could be better. But if you want to stick to blender’s stars, go ahead.