[BWC] - sunset scene

Starting a little late… :no:
Anyways, this is a scene i’ve been working a little on.
I’m not quite sure where it is going…

If you have any suggestions, comments
or anything of the like, please post


Here’s a slight update.
added some stars,mocked with some settings etc.

Here it is:


Try to get some form of shading on the persons like lighten the silouhette from the back. At the moment it looks like 2d lllustration and not like 3D render.

cool…and expressive…could the center part of the sun be more concentric?..seems to narrow…2D…3D…DDDddddd…

Another slight update

I changed the sun center part, to make the sun look more sphere like.
Unfortunately, i can’t really shade the characters, as they’re just curves.

I added a heart(i know, clicé :rolleyes:)
and mocked about with lighting


…think I’ve been there…

maybe she dont like him cos he’s bald?

add reflections/caustics in ocean, but i’m sure you were gonna do that anyway.

-What kinda curves are they Bezier? cuz you can add shading to a bezier curve/surface…

I happen to really like the silhouette look sans shading, but I must say that that much sun in the sky is not going to let it be that dark. When half the ball is still over the horizon, you get a stupendous display of colorful clouds and sky, not stars. But, at the least, a tangent specularity/reflection of the sun’s rays on the water (with waves) would look awesome.

Ooh, and why not make it a diamond ring in his hand? That would look cooler than the heart. Think of those diamond commercials with the silhouette people…

This is a very cool image.

Thanks for all the replies!

Really? Where is it?

Yes they’re beziers.
How do you shade them?
They will look flat no matter what, wont they?

must be something else, he’s got hair now

I actually did try to create a diamond ring at first, but couldn’t get a
proper look. Maybe i should try again?
I know the sky isn’t exactly realistic, its just that i like the look :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna put your suggestions in as soon as i can.

This is another small update(they’re all small :eyebrowlift2:)

The only apparent difference is that the guy is no longer bald.
Keep commenting, if you feel like it!


He looks much better with hair!

It looks cool, but it also looks like an art style that can be done faster in 2D.

The heart looks out of place. Everything else has a very distinct 3D feel while the heart looks 3D. I also agree with Postmodern_Boy…why not just make this in GIMP or Photoshop. Not bad nonethless.

Using Blender to make 2D-like images is actually a really cool and creative use of the medium. Just look at some of Robert Tiess’ stuff - very artistic…

I’ll look into changing the heart.

About using blender for 2D-like stuff, it’s simply because i can’t get
similar results in 2D packages. They just don’t fit my way of working
as well.

This update may seem small to, but i tell you,
i have spent HOURS trying to get the reflection right.
And i’m not even quite sure its there yet.
Anyway, here it is:


The reflection is maybe not realistic but it’s looking good. :slight_smile:

Now, the way your characters are set, the man seems to have a huge head compared to the woman, and she seems to have a very long neck.
Her arm is a bit strange too, the inside of the elbow looks squashed.

I know, for the head size, maybe it’s because of the depth, but as they’re displayed as 2D, it’s far from obvious. :wink:

Allright, I have an update, and I think ill consider it finished.
I’m not completely satisfied with it, but i just dont
have anymore ideas.

I think i’m going to start up another BWC, and see if i
can do better.

Anyway, thanks alot for your comments,
you’ve helped alot :wink:

I’ve tried to make the proportions more realistic in
this update, and I tweaked some other small things as well.

Of course, feel free to comment, if you want to.