BWC The devil is in the details

the first few objects i’ve finished for the BWC, I know I’m starting late, but it suddenly caught my interest, I have to somehow manage though to get everything modelled and setup by tonight, so that tomorrow i can texture and render, because after sunday, i have to help put a new engine in my girl’s truck

anyways, there’s some details you can’t see in the sky car, but i’m trying to keep things simplistic, give it a fairly Jetson’s feel, the cross is pretty much the object of focus though, if my scanner worked i’d upload the initial sketch of the idea, but it should atleast get a chuckle or too in it’s irony

crits, comments, of course are always welcome

and now an initial render of the project, i’ve still got a lot of work to do, especially forming the basis that the “church” will be laid upon, it is set in the only part of nature left in the wake of mankind’s advancement of civilization, so i’ve got grassy nols to set up, flower and fauna, trees, none the less try to set it all up while still keeping the final city and sky car’s in the picture, it’s no wonder i’ve got a migraine already

and even though no one is really paying attention, another test render

Amazing how much you are getting through this late in the competition. I hope you get enough to get a finished feel to it.

So is the block that the cross is stting on something like a compressed block of nature? sort of a nature brick?

lol, not quite, just a generic material at the moment, it’ll be more of a cold steel feel to it later, the nature aspect is gonna come in when i get the surrounding area of the cross finished, right now i’m trying to get everything in the background done, it’s not easy trying to speed through creating a city, and then what will be the surrounding mountains and whatnot

but who ever said that sleep was a necessity? heh

pretty impressive for knocking it out so fast, good luck.

starting to get there, the rest of my work tonight will involve texturing the church, tomorrow will have to bring the actual environment, lighting, GI and then of course post-processing…not bad for about 9 hours in one day

wow, i completely forgot about the discombobulator tool…i feel like an idiot now