[BWC] The End of the Battle

The robot will got a sword in the right hand like the concept of the first post.
I should do it more tired for the battle, bend the spine and the knee.

New UP, I’ve changede the robot position.


looks awesome!! btw, anayo, he’s gonna be holding a sword, which would explain the posture, although idk if a robot would rest his sword on his shoulder :stuck_out_tongue: haha
but anyways, modeling is awesome! i look forward to seeing the gashes on the slain enemies hehe



Lovin’ it! That robot is seriously awesome. You got mad skills man…


I wont to do a classic 3d Illustration effect, do you know a good postprocessig tutorial ?


DUUUUDE! Thats awesome. His pose looks a little bit leany, like he’s gunna fall, but I think that gives him a cool style. I dig it.

It looks really cool, but it also looks like the characters are plastic toys. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, and I also don’t know what makes me think they look like toys. It just feels like I should be able to pick the little guy up and pose him.

His sword kind of looks like its made from cardboard. This scene is looking pretty cool though. Excellent modeling on the robot. What is that thing it killed?

The robot have kill the guardian of the sword, a big robotic alien like a spider. :ba: