BWC-The Quitter Previously know as Wrong Turn

He’s my concept for BWC.
It involves a man who’s made some bad decisions and is looking for and escape.

I like the idea much! But at first glance I thought the man would be a child and the wrong
turn something really bad… maybe you make it clearer it is a man? :wink:

(P.S.: No harm meant, I just dealt with rape-situations before, that somehow, that was the first thing that came into my mind. Former girlfriend got raped and another girl I know :-(( )

Here’s the chair I made for the scene.

Here’s some things that will make up the image. It’s in text form. Kinda odd but it works for me.

You got quite a lot of stuff planned there, and “only” a month left. But when I look at the render of the chair I know you’ve got the skills for that.

Good luck!

Yeah, I tend to over do and over estimate all my projects. I’ll be uploading a revised version sketch as soon as I put some finishing touches and get it scanned. It’ll show a little more in depth what the finished scene’s layout and mood will look like.

I’ve actually made my first rig for this project. With a little help from watching a video from Nathan from BBB. It could use some of them nifty scaling fingers like Mancandy. But that I’ll do later since I’m not animating with it. It’s just so I can easily test out different poses. So if nothing else this contest is a great motivator for further knowledge of blender. Although that cup would look pretty fantastic on my coaster.

So Here’s the revised sketch. I Quite enthused for the overall look. Things in the scene will more than likely be different. One being the couch will be a chair instead. Also there should be expected more attention to details. Hope people find it interesting.
And Now for some frantic Blending and many test renders to make it to the deadline. I’ll try to keep on posting some progress during breaks from making pixels.

For the sign with “ironic” words you should make it like “Happy Days Bar” or something.

Really like your 2d artwork. I look forward to seeing the 3d project.

So here’s a little progress report.
I think it’s shaping up nicely.

Here’s a wire frame of the scene so far.

If I can find the time to make some small renders of it I will.

Looking good, just a bit too dark on that last render. Good luck with the comp!

Doobie Doop;

Is that the kindof thing you mean?

Whatcha mean “Is that the kind of thing you mean?”?

Any hoo…
Here’s the guy I made I’ll use and his shirt I hand fitted for him.
I’m quite satisfied with his hair doo .

So here’s a little Progress report.


thats mad dark man, something about ur latest concept sketch reminded me of Bioshock, lol really does :smiley: good work so far, im watching it progress!

Yeah I love art deco type style in Bioshock. Thanks for encouragement.
I think I’ll take a nap now. More updates to come upon awakening.

After much screwin around I’m getting closer and closer to getting the image to a level that I’ll consider it done.
Here’s the bare room. I might put up some wall paper or give it a good texturing.
I think the floors came out fairly great. I was impressed with myself.
I also made the ocean, although it’s not quite as I’d liked it to be as I drew it. That is because the drawing has all sorts of false perspective. Oh well.

Looking good!
I would have him more hunched over and kinda nervous…as if he is not entirely sure of what he’s doing…maybe even add some sweat.