[BWC] untitled by dyf


this is kind of late, and i’m not sure if i can finish it on time…
the concept is here, i won’t tell you what it represents; i wanna see if i was able to convey the story… tell me what you think it is about…


i’ve been working on this for the last 6 days or so… here is where i am so far…


i did use some references to make things go faster… i used my head as a blueprint… and as i was modeling i kept Len’s head (here) beside it as i a reference for the edge loops…


it still needs some fixes, but i’ll do them when i have the time…

i also used references from makehuman, but most of the work i did myself…

I have a problem with weight painting… i parented the
mesh to the armature and chose ‘bone heat’ to make my job easier… but it made it more difficult now because i have to clean it up… is there a way to figure out which bones are affecting this single vertex that’s sticking out of the head somehow?


sorry this has been a long post, i wanted to cram 6 days of work here :slight_smile:
comments please :slight_smile:

does it suck that much?

no, it looks good, i just dont know whats going on in the picture. :spin:

Great! Fallen angel idea. Really like it. The man tirelessly seeking redemption after losing it. His final words were, “Forgive me, for I have sinned.” =). My own interpretation of the image.

Nice idea and start. The face’s loops are pretty well done as well. I’d suggest tuning down the sharp lighting and adding more ambient light. Keep it up!

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
now i’m trying to get the wing right… i’m having a little bit of a hard time to get it to look more organic

http://dyf.nfshost.com/dump/forums_pictures/wing.jpg http://dyf.nfshost.com/dump/forums_pictures/wing_render.jpg

From your concept drawing i think its about, an angel whos lost his wings and is somewhat sad, casuse he cant fly no more ( just a guess)… I think it would help your scence if you placed the camera from another perspective, side view is pretty boring and too pedestrian, maybe a top view with some thing to look at at the bottom (maybe a seashore with big waves ? ), or a bottom to top view with birds flying over the background and a shining sun with glare would help more with the drama , keep working on it even if you don’t enter it, it’s got tons of potential .

You might want to apply smoothing to the wings to make them look more organic.

I agree with friedbrain. The sideview is too boring. But it’s a great idea, and great work so far.

thanks guys…

how about this?? any last comments?


by the way, i’ll tell you the story behind it…

it describes the feelings of an immigrant. the sad feeling describes the estrangement… the wings are the circumstances that prevent him from going back. the little island is how small the world is to him when he left home…

but it’s interesting to see that it has been interpreted differently :slight_smile: :slight_smile: