[BWC] War Zone

In a place where death equals destiny, the predominant and terrifying
strength that rules the streets of a city in ruins. In the street lies
a teddy bear, which was dropped by a child when was being carried away
by his family to survive the deadly attacks. Out there it lies, being a spectator
of its own end.
Hello everyone :D, It is a pleasure to work with all of you and to have lots of
fun pushing our imagination and blender to the limits!

:cool: Here’s what I’ve got so far:


Very nice drawing good luck! You have extreme drawing skills. :yes:

Well the concept is sure amazing…bring that to life in 3d and youll have a winner!
If you can get as great of results in blender itll be good enough for the gallery to.


I’m glad you like it guys! Yeah, this will be very fun to do, from modelling to compositing, it is really quite a challenge. Well… I’ll start modelling the tank now to see how it goes, I’ll keep u updated! :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, nice idea.
if you need any help, i’d be glad to.

I Began modelling the Tank, here’s what I got so far, more updates to come!


wow, very nice.
you obviously don’t need any help. :slight_smile:

but, what is it a model of? like, what part of the tank. and, those little light things i guess make it look like it has eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Thanks! that geometry is one of the parts that holds the Tank’s track. It will take its form as soon as the modelling advances. I’m trying to keep the model as clean as possible to reduce render times, since this scene will require a lot of compositing, and re-rendering, heh!

Really cool concept. I’ll keep in touch with your updates.

Emmanuel Barroga

forgive my ignorance, but what is BWC?

:RocknRoll: BWC stands for Blender World Cup, and you can find more information in this website: http://bwc.blenderartists.org/

Thats a really good drawing, 30 days left though :open_mouth:

Yeah! I need to hurry up! And the Tank is erhmm… time consuming :stuck_out_tongue:

Great sketches, I really hope you can capture the sketch quality of the original concept in the final piece. The distorted perspective and colour tones are a real asset.

Good luck.


Is the tank your own creation, or are you going after a real life one? Say, a German Panzer, etc.

No, the tank is not my own creation. The one on the drawing, yes, but the one I’m using to model as a reference, is an American Destroyer Tank.

This is a test to create the fairly complex tank tracks. This is a mesh circle extruded and set to DupliFaces. Later on I will create the ones that will fit into the tank, for now, I’m testing to see how is it going!. I’ll keep u posted! :smiley:


I think the tracks need to be wider, unless they already are. Its a bit hard to tell how big they are atm. I hope you get this done, it looks like its going to be good.

Actually, the previous image was only one side of the tracks :p, here are the tracks almost completed. BTW, Thanks a lot for your comments! :evilgrin:


Here’s one of the gears that goes into the tracks.