bwc WIP - the moment

Ok so my creativity and artistic skill are both rudimentary but the contest inspired me, so i’m putting together an entry. This image is meant to be a long exposure, something on the order of 2 minutes. any comments , suggestions and criticisms are warmly welcomed


I can see the idea, but the fariswheel looks more like a gigantic holographic target. judging by the lighting of the background image I would say you could not actually get this particular shot in reality.

Also, the rest of the image doesn’t look like a long exposure shot too me. There should be a lot of over glare from the lights, and the places that would look dark (front side of the dock, people, hill in the background) would appear to be lit much more then they are.

I think that if you modeled the wheel, you would have a pretty complete image, but it wouldn’t really be a long exposure.

I hope that’s helpful and coherent.

it is helpful, and i think your right on a lot of points. i based the image on a photo i saw though, and its pretty true to life. i think the problem is, truth is stranger than fiction. perhaps i’ll just go with what it “should” look like , rather than what it does look like.
at this point though, im not sure what to change. it definitely needs a lot of work, re-arrangement, something.

Go with reality if that is your intention, not the collective bias. That way you challenge people ideas of things at the same time… that what these days is about right? challenging ideas? Just go into the contemporary art section in an art gallery… atrocious…

The artist is the creator, not the audience.

I can see the sky through the back face of the ferris wheel, though.
Normal is facing the other way.

thanks a lot for the feedbacks.

Atemporalskill - Did you mean that the clouds appear too static with regards to the long exposure? Or just that the sky appears too bright? Since you’ve said that I think i need to put the clouds in motion a bit and blur them

Neonstarlight - your meant to see through the ferris wheel, its like a fan or airplane propeller. when its not on , its solid, when its on its blurred but semi-translucent. However, the effect i’m going for doesn’t play out as well as i’d hoped. I may take Atemporal’s idea and model the wheel completely

to see the image i’m ripping off as a reference check out this page:

no clue who the original photographer is but its a great shot

Ok, that’s really helpful seeing an original photo.

disclaimer: I have a tendency to say too much and give too much advice. you don’t need to use everything I say, so thank for those comments about who the artist is Krayon, and Neonstarlight.

that being said, what I meant about the clouds is that I thought that much light in the sky would give off more ambient light in the rest of the scene. but looking at the real picture I’m not too sure of that anymore. blurring the clouds would give the image a softer and warmer feeling, if that’s what you want I say go for it.

I can see a few minor things that kinda bother me but I’ll wait to hear what direction your taking this before I comment on them. the only one I will mention is I think you could add a bit of over glare to the corn dog stand. nodes would probably be the easiest to do that.

do you have a specific back story in your mind for this pic?

its just a moment in my life that seemed to last forever in a good way, this attempt to capture it doesn’t do it justice.

I do plan to work a lot on the corn dog stands light sources, using nodes to add some glow, plus i need to tweak the lighting on the ferris wheel struts a bit. the whole seen will have a bit of bloom applied to all the light sources as well

I think the lovers in the scene are too small, I am trying to think of a way to bring them up to the camera without killing the effect of the scene.

truth be told this wasn’t my first idea for the contest ,but as i only realized the contest existed a few days back , i didn’t think i had enough time to do what i really wanted to do.

you were stalking a couple at a fair?? :eek:

I kid I kid… good luck with the contest

lol. ok so this is very preliminary but what do u guys think of this composition as opposed to the original ?


I thought it was much more romantic in the previous. This one is too in-your-face, IMO.

I would agree that this one feels a little too much like your right there between them. what about instead of making the couple dramatically larger, enhance the space they are in by constantly bringing the viewers eyes back to them.

here is one way I’m thinking that could be done to the original image.

swing the camera around towards the wheel a bit to make the line of the dock edge a little more angled in the pic.

mirror your sky text to get the overall cloud lines going towards the people, this will probably take quite a bit of tweaking to get looking good, maybe even a new sky text. (actually, I think that is whats making them look small/out of place right now is the way the clouds are behind them.)

and if you really need more lines to them work with the camera angle and placement of the hill in the background to “point” at them as well, but that might be overkill.

also, generally when you want something to be more important in an image you center it more. still working with the rule of thirds though, don’t completely center it. but that may not be the the best look for this mood.

disclaimer, I haven’t made any images with this kind of mood so I’m likely spouting nonsense here, if any more experienced people want to back up or refute anything I say please do.

you guys have given me plenty of helpful ideas and feedback, thanks much.

ok with the ideas you guys have provided i think i’ve made a lot of improvement. any c&c is very welcome


That’s very good, although imo the lamps would benefit from being lamps and not halos with star lines.