bwc08 -- babylon

I think i will also enter into the bwc challenge. Had the idea of a Babylon scene in my mind. So the plan is to create an oriental city background and for the foreground scene, where the actual story will happen, i haven’t a plan yet.
This thing will be the Tower of Babylon (not finished yet ;)).


This looks great. How long have you textured it :).

I see that you will be a big oponent again ;).

It is looking great! How are you planing to light it? AO or another way? Lokking forward to the final render.:smiley:

Wow looks great man! keep it up, longing to see your progress.

Thx for the replies

>REiKo Rhoemer
:slight_smile: actually not that long. It’s one seamless UV mapped texture and massive use of the array modifier. To prevent a repeating look, the resolution of the texture is a bit higher so that it would flicker when animated.

Yepp, i will use AO and the lighting setup itself will be created when the scene is almost done. At this moment it’s just one sun lamp and AO.

progress for today


That is looking really good! Maybe you could have a lot of little people working on it or something. Can’t wait to see what else you do with this!

This is definately one of the more interesting BWC entries so far, I await to see what how this progresses over 50 more days.

interesting idea, and that texture is great too

Thx for the comments

That’s the idea. I mean like Cyborg Dragon mentioned… 50!! days. Somehow i have to use them, so i will pump lots of details into the image ;).

Next thing will be a palast.


wow, incredible work there, very nicely done and a great amount of detail.
How many verts is it? Looks like it should be a lot with the amount of detail you have got going on

About 190k verts. The tower uses about 180k.

First stones are layed. Partly inspired by the Taj Mahal.


Dude, this totally ROCKS! And I like the theme :smiley:

This is looking awesome! Love the detail you are putting into the project!!

Thx guys :slight_smile:

Little progress for today.


wow this is amazing stuff. Are you basing the architecture off of historical records.

Totally awesome! You have my vote!

Woah the detail of all the little stuff is awesome! Great work!!!

This is awesome! Can’t wait to see some good flooring come along!