BWC'08: The M.h.p.e.

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been so active lately. I’ve been reading the forums daily, but just not been in the mood for posting much…until now.

I haven’t got much non-commercial work done lately, and I hope the BWC this year will help me make another piece for my portfolio. I need that challenge, since the last image I did was last year for the BWC. I’m a bit sad that I have seem to have lost it this year somehow, so the goal here is simply to get something done again - get back on track, if you will. If it ends up being good, then it’s even better! Thanks to the people arranging the BWC. It looks really nice this year… and less complicated to follow (I hope this will make more join the fun!). :slight_smile:

So far I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come up with this concept, doing a (rather well-known, but fun) twist on the legend of William Tell. It’s puts the viewer in the climax of a rather sad and embarrassing event I’m afraid…

I did the sketch to get the composition right. The style, characters and poses will most likely change very much.

Good luck to everyone entering this year! Cheers, and may the best blendhead win!


Sounds like a great way to get back into things. Hope you can pull this off. Can’t wait to see your progress!

Man this looks funny. Excellent concept work by the way. Can’t wait to see it.

Good to see you back and nice concept.

I have been debating on doing something also. Been way too long for me as well. Time is the issue though…as always.


Thanks for the support guys. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out too. :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing some concept character sketching based on a William Tell statues and art:

C&C are greatly appreciated!

Good to see you back on track.

Do you also plan to introduce the apple ? Otherwise it may be quite a challenge to understand, that the person is Wilhelm tell, instead of any mediaval cross bow marksman.

It’s a funny concept at a first look, but turns out to be quite sad the longer you think about it, especially if you know the story.

Good luck in your project !

Nice, I’d go for a little more of a dramatic composition too, instead of just the mood.
Here are my piss-poor attempts at an idea for the composition I had in mind once I read the full post:
Shot at 2008-07-09
Shot at 2008-07-09

@loramel: Thanks,
The apple is actually in the sketch. It’s the small round circle on top of the pierced head (brutal way of putting it I know…). I realize the sketch isn’t that clear at all around that area… :slight_smile:

@FreakyDude: Thanks. Dude, the amount of work you put into that is Freaky! :slight_smile:
No seriously, you didn’t have to. It’s very clear what you mean. But thank you very much for your time!
However, I’ll keep the current composition for now. 1st, I would want to keep the apple in frame. That it’s sitting unharmed on top of the not-so-unharmed head will further clarify how horribly wrong the shot went.
2nd, I just think the dramatic approach is too… dramatic! The piece is not intended to have the same grand tone as the legend. This approach is too serios, scary and sad really. I thought about doing it that way, but didn’t because it makes me uneasy (so I imagined others would be uneasy about it too). Also, I actually don’t think I’m able to take it as serious as it demands one to, both as a creator and viewer. It would be a serious depiction of utter grief over a dead son (that is just waay too solid stuff to dig into). I like the loose humorous sense of an embarrassing failure better.

Thanks for the challenging comments! It’s good to get things explained clearly.

C&C are still very appreciated.

I’ve begun modeling. The style has developed further here. There are more details, but I’m still stylizing heavily by doing prominent and sharp edges. The ear isn’t working quite all right yet, so I’ll work a bit more on that. I still intend to do a different kind of eyes than I’m used to doing - the black button-like ones I drew in the sketch earlier.

(Screenshot/wireframe attached)

The beard and hair of course still needs to be done. Even though Blender has just gotten a brand new particle system, I’m very keen on doing hair and beard with solid modeling in this piece to stylize even further. Very much like what they’re doing in the new Clone Wars 3D cartoon:

Alternatively, I’m also considering doing the same sort of squared hair with particles instead, sort of like Madagascar. Which way do you think is the best?

C&C appreciated! Thank you very much for your time.


Right now the main character has too few egdes, that the madagascar style would fit very well. If wilhelm stays the way it is in terms of ‘edgyness’ I would prefer the star wars look.

I dig the Clone Wars style. Stylized seems the way to go, given your concept art.

Well, I looked at your site, and after admiring Poor Pluto for a few minutes, I finally thought that Clone Wars style would be cooler.

@loramel: I think you’re right, that the Madagascar style needs more sharp edges, i.e. a little different style.

@PneumaPilot: Yeah, I reckon so as well.

@N00bhaxor: Thanks for taking a look at my site. Glad you liked Poor Pluto. Why it has anything to do with the style of hair in this image is beyond me, but I agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been doing some testing with solid beard, and it works great! I’ll show some progress when I have done some more.

Nice progress so far! Can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

Ditto on what Ecks said :smiley:

Nah, it’s just that it seems more your style. It would make more sense of Pluto had hair.

looks cool so far - but it looks like he’s missing his lower eyelids!

You’re style is very unique. I would definately go with the solid clone-wars type. Always loved that look. Good job, good luck, and keep inspiring me. :cool:

Thanks for the positive comments everyone! I’m on vacation now, but I should be able to begin doing some more work later this week.

@Jeepster: He is not meant to have a lower lid. It’s sketched in the concept as well. Just something I thought I’d try. I’m doing a bit of alternate style on this compared to my earlier work. Just to try something new…

C&C still appreciated. I’ll be back with more updates soon!

Interesting idea. Depending on the style (especially the expressions on the audience/Wilhelm), this could be a very black comedy treatment. Almost makes you think of a witty caption, as in a cartoon.

But from this setting, I would maybe have gone with the most suspenseful “moment in time”, when the arrow is frozen mid-air and it is not clear to the viewer what it will hit.

Or maybe a shot where the assistant is just a motion blur, arrow is just about to hit the pole, and the apple is floating in air just a few inches above.