BWC'09 - Dragon Attack

This is my entry for this years BWC. After reading an interesting entry on the Durian Blog I decided to try a combined rendering/painting approach for this image. I only had a couple of days for this image but for the short amount of time I am quite satisfied with the result.

Hires Version (3200x2400 px) here
The title is “Dragon Attack


Go Wolverines!

ok, many of you won’t get that. He’s wearing a University of Michigan jacket…

lol this is awesome,You should finish the castle:)

Other than the fire I’m just not getting that Dragon vibe, sorry, but to be honest, without the horns, ear fans, back spines, and other typical Dragon features it looks a lot like a dinosaur with wings.

It’s a decent attempt for someone new to Blender though.

To be honest it’s more a winged nazgul minus the nazgul.

The LOTR fans actually call them fellbeasts.:wink:

correct CD, nazgul = “ring wraith” in the black speech of morgul, the creatures they ride are fell beasts

you pic is a little on the dark side so am having trouble making some things out