BWC'09- Mirrordream.

Here goes…

The name of the piece is going to be “Mirrordream

A (very bad, mouse-made) concept sketch is attached.

A young girl child dances in front of an old and cracked ornate mirror in a bleak, bare room. In her imagination, she sees herself as a fairy princess flying in a bright, magical fantasy world…her “other world”.


good luck!

Curses, you stole nearly my identical but completely opposite idea!! lol

I won’t be entering so not really a big deal, lol.

Good luck man!

Thanks all…

@maul… if by ‘opposite’ you mean a mirror that shows a dark, horror/gothic ‘other world’ instead of the bright and sunny one, then that is actually a reserve idea that i’m keeping around if this doesnt work out…:eyebrowlift2:

Anyway…here’s a quick placeholder/block-in of the environment…

any suggestions?


Update…started on the character…:stuck_out_tongue:


I think that it might work a little better if the camera was a little higher and a slightly less dramatic angle away from your character. Namely because right now it feels like your character (Who we should be drawn to looking at) is in that background, and we are not immediately drawn to her.

And actually, by opposite, mine was (While yes it would have been darker) a Queen/ person of wealth and beauty looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of someone poorer (A peasant, asit were), but much happier.

Great idea,

A concept like this could work really well with an extreme camera angle, or fish eye lens. With such an abstract concept, an abstract treatment of perspective could emphasis things, or pull the viewer into the image further.

Good luck.


coming along

@maul… i’m really not sure that the focus should be on the character. She is secondary to the “world” in her imagination. Most of the detailing is going to be there. So actually, the eye should be drawn to the imaginary world in the background.

i’m not sure i’m succeeding in that though… having absolutely zilch art training helps…:spin:

Some camera angle and focal length experiments for comments.

I personally think that the low camera angle should work better.


Ladeedada…some work on the rocks…:o


…and some work on the girl…


I have a funny feeling that a lot of people are going to be using mirrors for BWC. (including me)
Looks great so far, I love the rocks.

@Easton… Actually, so far you and I are the only ones if you dont count maul who isnt participating, otherwise even i thought my idea would be a bit of a cliche in this BWC… but its early days yet…:smiley:

When I thought about the theme, I visualized that the scene must be set not in the other world as a whole but at an interface of two worlds, to have meaning. Doors, windows, gates, energy portals, computer screens,… all these were potential candidates… but a mirror really says it all- because it shows you the other world that is inside you…:cool:

'Nuff said…Update…


looking great, id better get starting too.

I love this concept, and it is really coming along. Well done.

Very cool work Fieldgunner.