BWF 0.1.0 teaser [new 8/7/4]


I’m almost ready to deploy BWF 0.1.0… I’ve only got to fix load/save routines


1 - No CGkit any more! Only Blender! -> New noises
2 - New PostProcessing to create terrain layers on height/slope constraint

Here a quick example. ‘Trees’ are dupliverted over a cloud of vertices made by BWF with height/slope constrains and given density.

Keep concentrated :wink:


sooo, are you saying that soon we’ll have a tool, that creates, not only amazing terrain, but also makes quick forests and stuff?

create amazing scenery button here we come :wink:

yay :wink:

It creates two kind of additional items:

subterrains, i.e. duplicates terrain and erases all faces which do not obey to certain height/slope constraints… might be usefull, but I’m not really sure :wink:

vertex clouds, i.e. to each face of a subterrain a given density of vertices (can be less tan 1) is associated and vertices created. Then you can duplivert trees at vertex positions.


a very nice (automatic) upgrade to tree-pointcloud would be auto-breakup of it to 2-4 sub-pointclouds, if someone has, say, 4 different tree meshes or alpha-planes for diversified look? that would round up the functionality quite nice?

Actually you will be able to define as many clouds as you wish, and save/edit as much as 6 at the same time :slight_smile:


heh that’s g.o.o.d :stuck_out_tongue:

well a sort of a hijack here, but I gotta ask the experts this one: I was upgrading the (klopes?) terrynoise script to work with Blender.Noise and there’s something: namely old dynoise.InitNoise(yowza) has seeded all noises, but new Noise.setRandomSeed(yowza) seems to affect only Noise.random().

noise experts, please, your turn:

if you are writing a tutorial, you could add (if you have one) a nice technique to do good-looking trees. cuz 200 lsystem-trees would be a bit slow to render, eh? I’m thinking of some lowpoly trees… or render 1 lsystem tree in rgba, and map it to a plane that gets dubliverted? well would be an idea… > got no blender here at work. so I’m gonna put up an example, to see how it looks like


Well’ I’m not planning a tut, rather keep the BWF doc updated…

And I’m a well known high poly man… my models seldom exibit less than 1 million verts :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’m able to write such a tut, but I might try.

I have done some decent renderings with trees photos mapped on dupliverted planes…


Another image!

I’m halfway with read/save

If you so wish, going against my habit I’ll release BWF 0.1.0 without doc and then add doc at a second stage


This hath potential. Since when did BWF generate snow?

It is since about 30 minutes…


che bello!!!
hemm… really good!

so we can say 100% blender now :slight_smile: (+bwf)

Looking good!!

Can it still do those great-looking cratered moons?

S68 :

You DA MAN, now get dat sucker released :smiley: :o , great work mate just wot we need.



You’re te best :smiley:

The Blender noise module is not an exact copy of dynoise, fastnoise is missing for instance (which was something I made more for realtime stuff, so wasn’t much use for python anyway). All the noise functions are now used as textures in Blender, the python functions are just wrappers for the texture noise functions. For this reason you can’t reseed the noise generators, as this would altter your renders. That might seem a cool feature, but you don’t want a different picture everytime you render. This is also important for cross platform portability, for this reason the numbers used for the noise generators are all in lookup tables. So that’s why it can only be used for the random number generator.

And nice work Stefano!

Thanks, Eeshlo, I suspected there would be a certain reasoning behind this, but yeah controlable fixed-seed option as was with InitNoise would be nice for mesh generators to keep them more under control.

Just an update…


q: was earth ramped or radiosity?