BWF - help

g’day all - i’ve just got hold of world forge & i’m trying to get it going - I can’t find noise.pyd or cgtypes.pyd - can anyone point me in the right direction?


i have the world forge and the noise and cgtypes pyd’s and they are in my blender directory and when i press alt-p it does not work

What’s the error message in the console?


one of my friends helped me get it started but when i try to use it all i get is a blue sphere on layer 2 and that is all i can do how would i make actual worlds

You select the values you want from the parameters in the GUI

Don’t know how you get a blue object.

At the top of the GUI is a button named “Landmarks”. Use that and experiment.


Any messages on Blender console?

THe blue sphere might be a leftover in the .blend, a sea I used in a test…

Just starting BWF and pressing ‘TERRAFORM’ shoud create a (ugly) terrain anyway