BWGMC 2 - Splurg Blaster (Completed, if 8 hours late)

You play as Buzz Tightyear as you try to defeat emperor Splurg.

Is that Buzz TightEars? (Big dangly fishnet stocking over his helmet) I could see Buzz being duped into being a bank robber by WouldHe!

I thought that modelling Zurg would be easier than Lightyear… until I saw the cape. :wink: That’s what you get when you model off LEGO models.

So, here’s the evil emperor Splurg!

I’ve gone for the Mii-like approach.

Heh - that’s not too bad. His face could be more square, but it’s not too bad. I see his arms are detached, too - interesting. Go with it.


I’m now starting with controls.

4100 faces?! Daamnn, I hope you don’t have many characters that big in poly count or it’ll slow down your game a lot…

It looks a lot like the toy in Toy Story, good job! For some reason I keep thinking that Toy Story is Pixar with Disney… Not sure.

I’m making a minigame in 2 days, I have to cut some corners…

But it’s the only character except for the arms of Buzz Tightear, so I guess I can get away with it :wink:

So, I’ve got the Splurg shooting system finished. It’s convinient that in Toy Story he shoots out little balls - not actual bullets, so I don’t have to go into rays :slight_smile:

I’m getting a little stretched for time now…

Unfortunately I missed the deadline by 8 hours :frowning: . But, I’ve posted the blend here anyway.

Play time: No idea, I haven’t yet won. :wink:

The game itself contains all the files that were used.

Your game will be added to the list of games and will be available for everyone to play, but it is excluded from this voting.
It would not be fair to others otherwise.

The next challenge will be longer and I will make a countdown on the blog so you always know how much time is left.

Yeah, I understand. Thanks.

The next challenge will be longer and I will make a countdown on the blog so you always know how much time is left.

I think you got the amount of time for the challenge right - I only worked for about 10 hours on this, and it would have been on time if I hadn’t have watched the Da Vinci Code (I only worked on it for another half hour after it finished).

Also, are you able to download the blend?

Downloaded and played it.

Sorrry, there was a problem with the textures in the download

New download:

All it is is LEGO textured walls instead of normal walls.