So when are we going to have another blender weakend of game making competion again? im really amped for another one.

I was just thinking that too, but I’m sure it’s week, not weekend? Josip seems to have disappeared.

josip got a new job, so he has very little time to do much.

Oh, well… good for him. :yes:

Oh ok i was thinking there was just a weakend version of it two.

Kind of off-topic but mrn, what’s your native language?

Its english im american :slight_smile: sry i cant spell very well :smiley:

So doesn’t that mean your native language is ‘American’, or I am wrong? And don’t worry about it - although it makes a more ‘professional’ approach. Also were in the complete wrong thread (not even Game Engine any more) let alone not a resource. So sorry anyone else…

Look at my no. of posts… :o

This is the worng place for this thread I guess.

ya i guess you could call it american but technically i speak the same lanquage as you i think right…? and the same as in like the U.K
but anyways ya i need to work on spelling better.

999 posts and you only joined mid last year! wow

America: from South Pole to North Pole.

so ya anyone interested in doing a weekend game making competition next weekend. This weekend is Easter hear in the U.S. i don’t know if its like a world wide holiday or not.