[BxMouse] Working with multible Blender Windows


If You working with multiple Windows (shift+Drag), maybe on multiple Monitors, You may have a Problem. Key strokes and Mousewheel do not arrive the correct Window. Even the Mouse is hovering above the Window. This is annoying!

My little Program care about this, and more. Set up the Blender Path in the Settings, so You can use BxMouse as Launcher. So it is possible to open Your Work Layout, include automatic Window activation, with just two clicks. You do not need to take care of the BxMouse Programm. It will close with Blender automaticly, if You want.

This Version contains also a Fix for older Photoshops, who can block the ESC Key. What was very bad for stopping a running Game Engine. - Now it should be nomore a Problem.

Update to 1.31BxMouse is available in Win32 an Win64 Version. For more Information and Download, please visit our german Forum.
Check out the new Version an give it a Try. Have Fun. :slight_smile: