Bye bye

(ScottishPig) #1

Good bye. (me-drawing)

(joecool) #2

are you leaving?

(Lyubomir) #3

See you !

(BgDM) #4

What the hell is this? I hope your not planning anything stupid!?


(Goofster) #5

what’s this? you’re leaving the community to draw or something?
in that case, don’t give up your day-job :smiley:


(fullback) #6

Ummm, OK?

(malefico) #7

are you OK pig ?

(Bapsis) #8

Hey SP,
I hope your not plannin’ on leaving the community or blender. Would miss you, i still remeber you teaching me some of the blender basics when i first started out and it was a HUGE help to me, would hate to see you go.
Let us know whats goin on when you have the time. Take care bro!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #9

wait, wait, maybe hes trying to tell us something wth this picture…its, its a conspiracy against sp! i can see all the signs! and the govt is covering it up and trying to bury the truth… scott! behind u! noooooooooooo!!!

yes, what is all this about? dont leave. not when good news is starting to pour in =D