Bygone Era (working title)

This is a concept I’ve had floating around in my head for literal years. But I either never had the time to devote to it, or the proper skillset, or both.
The general idea is the petrified body of a giant was buried countless years ago, and while nobody was looking, time and the elements gradually began to unearth it again.

I think this is the first ‘full scene’ I’ve really done…most of my previous work was items, objects, vehicles, or various elements designed to fit in with live action footage. So all that to say, don’t be too mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there steve!

I think your shading/texture/modeling are very nice. I really liked the detail you put in the rocks and the giant arm.

What I think works against your render is the idea of scale.

The tree in the background makes the arm seem to have a much smaller scale.

I believe that if you removed the tree the arm would seem a lot bigger than it is now (that would make the image a lot emptier so you might also need to rethink your composition)

Also, depending on how big these guys were, the scale of the birds and vegetation would also need to be reconsidered.

For reference, I also believe this image can help with scale:

The rocks in the right side seem reasonably big and very little detail of the vegetation (and wildlife) can bee seen in that region while blades of vegetation can be seen in the immediate foreground.

Otherwise congratulations on finishing your first “full scene” scene and getting your idea out of your head!

Hope I was able to help in some way.

Thanks for the feedback!

I did give some special consideration to the scale in the scene. All that we can see of the arm is a little more than 5 meters long, so it’s large enough to easily hold an average person in its hand, but not like, ridiculously enormous. Maybe around 20 meters tall for the full figure. So I don’t really want it to seem monstrously, mountain-scale huge…maybe that’s where it’s breaking down for you?

Hey steve,

A mistake on my previous text might have made my comment a bit confusing. When I said tree in the “background” I actually meant foreground. Sorry about that.

Yes, I might have misinterpreted your scene with my idea of giant.

Taking a second look and considering the scale you meant, I do think that at the very least I might have suggested an inadequate reference.

Just to be clear, your render did not “break down for me”. I think it’ a great piece. Hopefully you won’t let any more ideas float in your head for years before trying them out!

No problem, I figured you meant ‘foreground’. :slight_smile:

And it’s fine, I thought the birds and grass were enough to properly convey the scale, but maybe it could have used a bit more. Thanks for the kind words!