BZFlag- Where are the blender heads?

BZflag is an awesome (free) 3D first person online multiplayer tank game that I’ve been playing for a while now. It’s got various weapons and games and fun in general. It’s a available on all platforms and doesn’t require an expensive computer to run (although you can turn the quality really high with real time shadows, lighting etc.) and more importantly, it’s open source!!!
I’ve been playing it for a while and recently discovered that it’s maps can easily be made in Blender, Using BZWTools:eek:. They also have a great forum for help and criticism, but make sure you read the wiki first. I was surprised when I logged on to the forum and found very few people their who used blender, most made maps as text documents or using Wings. Where are you blender heads?
Wow i feel like a salesman, but has anyone else heard of this before? It’s a great opportunity to make fun low poly worlds in blender (you can use your own and pre-made textures for it) and I’m surprised that so few people use it. I’ve made a few maps that a use on my LAN network (I’m not smart enough to make a server).

p.s. Pictures speak a thousand words so here’s a few screenshots of me losing the game:

I have heard of it. And even have it on this computer, I think. I kinda lost intereste in it once I found things like TCE and Return to Castle Wolfenstien. It is somewhat 1990is looking. And there are better free and networked 3d shooters out there now.

I saw this the other day and decided it would be a good idea for a project, im working on it at the moment =P

SHABA1: yes their are better games out their but most require higher end computers and not many run on linux:(.

alpha-mike-1: cool, hope it goes well. Make sure you submit it on the forums:). Do you plan on making a server?

I like BZ flag… not many online games you can play with just a simple joystick now a days :slight_smile:

I do have BZflag, but I don’t play it. I’ve got a ton of random games on my computer that I don’t play.

I luv Bzflag. Used to play it on SGIs hundreds of years ago

Will give this a go

I love bzflag I play it all the time when I’m not blendering… does making a map require python and all that?

It requires a python script as I said in the first post (it’s linked to if you click “BZWtools”), but requires no knowledge of python at all, a big advantage for people like me. :slight_smile:

ok I’ll check that out then :slight_smile: