BZoo: Network Gaming with Blender

Np :slight_smile: The only modifiqued script is . In fiveteen lines, aprox. . I dont know much Python, i think can be optimized, but i test to sum two list and i cant. I had to make it at traditional way. I dont know also how make the long lines of code in two or more lines for a fast read, like the “_” in Visual Basic, for example. Some hint? :o

Actually i dont have my own comp, i will have it again in one week. Until then i work in the pc of my syster, and little time. I will give a try to SVN anyway, its necesary for any open source project. Test to put some tasks in the to assing something and start to planing. see ya!

waou !!
I’ve just gien it a try and it’s just stunning !!
really great job !!

I’m trying to understand how to deal with tasks in BlenderForge system

Team luxit is still at work with bzoo intergration

Hey is bzoo still in progress?

I have tried it already, it seems like it can either be played locally or online. It uses ip so only our own pc can join? play online doesnt seem to work.

how to use bzoo to play over a local area network?

I can get a local game started on my computer with multiple clients, but i cant get the online to work with my friend. Anyways, heres a pic of what i slapped together. <a href=“” Lego World

cool world! I love lego star wars etc… your lego avatars are really well done IMO

I asked JB the same question, he posted this (halfway down the post), works like a charm:

basically you have to start the server with the port and maximum connections parameters, then set the IP in the client.

c:\python25\python api 50001 10

I created a few server batch files for local only or online use, makes it a little easier.

For public access, next step is to open your ports and possibly register with dyndns to provide a static url for the world.


When i open a server, I can play locally on my one computer. The only problem I have is trying to play online, Im pretty sure i understand the client instructions, but Im sorta confused about the server side. This may be noob, but whats a shell command? Do you think you can better explain the steps? Thank-you!

The windows shell is the command prompt, click start – run, then type ‘cmd’ is one way to access it in XP, Vista just type ‘cmd’ in the search bar. Navigate to the bzoo directory and type the start command with desired parameters.

The other way is to use a batch file (with the extension .bat): create a new text file in the same main bzoo directory, rename it to startserver.bat, paste in the line from above…

c:\python25\python api 50001 10

Save, close and then double click to start the server. Create another .bat file and paste the above line, this time remove the 50001 and 10 to start the server in local only mode.

You will need to be familiar with how to open up port 50001 on your router and firewall to expose the sever to the public internet.


Howdy I just once again wanted to take a look at the great work of Bzoo … and all the links on the first page of thes treat are down :frowning:
Hope the will be up soon again so I can learn more on how to improve my tutorial about Networkgaming that can be downloadet at

There’s a typo in your link.

Thanx … Fixed it…

Thats great but how do I download it the site isn’t there?

Yea I would like to know that to. Hope the Site of Bzoo will be up soon again…

Same- I’m really looking forward to playing with this project once my experience allows for it.

WoW it rally seams like the site of BZoo just disapiard… I will now write jbperin a E-Mail and ask what happend to his site…

Let us know what he says ^^

First E-Mail address ([email protected])I had from him is not falied any more.
Error-Code; 5.1.1 (bad destination mailbox address)Remote MTA :
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ATM à distance :
SMTP diagnostic :
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Diagnostic SMTP : 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
I now will try his Yahoo address.

The site is back. Does Bzoo work with windows 2000?

Cool its up and running again!!! Hope to finde a lot of inspiration and information on how to Improve my WSAG Online Multiplayer Network Basic Setup & Game…

To your question alienkid:
I would think that it will work on your Win2000 but since it was not tested there you will have to try out for your self… But if Blender runs with no problem Bzoo most likly wll to…

ok Blender runs faster then on my bros XP and the XP has more RAM so