C-130 wip

Here’s the render and the blend file if anybody needs a C-130. CC’s are welcome.


c130.blend (849 KB)

how long have you been working with blender ?

i check it out and i can see that it is only the beginning of a WIP

so don’t wantt to sound negative but

there was a lot of a little mistakes around
like extra edges and flipped normals
the control surfaces in the back are planes not 3D volume

but it’s a good beginning
hope to see a more elaborate model soon

keep up the good work

Happy blendering

So you can tell that I just started using Blender huh? Yep, I’m a noobie and I have a lot to learn. I’m still practicing and I think I’m on the verge of getting better with it. I’ve noticed that there is a steep learning curve at first but after a while, when you learn the key shortcuts Blender can be a real joy to use. I’ve purchased the book “The Essential Blender” and it’s worth it’s weight in gold to a noobie. I’m reading it for the second time and still finding things I didn’t know. I’m using it for a reference because I still don’t know the keys yet and I find a nugget or two just exploring the menu items. I’ve discovered the trick of saving my work often is invaluable at first because of the mistakes I make and the lack of undo’s to fix it. So um…you fix the flipped normals as you go along do you? You can tell they are flipped because of the black areas in the middle of normal shaded areas I suppose. This forum is really really useful to use new people and I like getting advice…thanks for yours by the way. I’m going to start over with the C-130 and try doing it better. I used to fly on those things and I love 'em so it’s not like it’s work or anything. Amd about the extra edges…I’ve learned recently to check that you haven’t selected a vertex on the opposite side of your object as well as the vetex you were aiming for because you can get a boatload of extra edges if you do. I guess I need to slow down and check stuff like that before I click to committ. It’s like exploring unknown territory using Blender and I can see that it’s powerful and of professional quality. I’m coming from a background where I used to play with Moray and I can state that Moray seems like a toy compared with Blender.

I’m hoping that some day I can do really complicated things like a human head or something.

for a "noobie " thats a nice model

sorry for my english it’s not my first language! LOL

blender is about to change quit a lot with a next release i guess 2.49 next month
but also later this year not certain when the famous 2.5 which is being built right now

there is a steep leraning curve but don’t forget the book is around 1500 pages of techincal details tools ect.

the world of 3D with textures rigging modelisation is complicated one if you have never use a 3d modelisation soft before
but if you practice with all the tutorial avalable
and inside a few months you should begin to become very confy with blender

there is the wiki pages also that can help you with all the tools
the forum is always there to ask questions and hopefully get intelligent answer most of the time

here is another site for tutorials on all kind of models


and the only things to advance is 3 things

1 - practice / patience
2 - ask question of forum
3 - practice / patience

good luck

Happy blendering