C&C on poster

Hey all, this is an attempt by me to make a poster/ad for a made-up brand of soda. It’s intended to be flashy and eye catching (Like something seen on a billboard), but I feel like it’s lacking something. For some reason it’s not popping the way I had hoped.

Please forgive the label, it’s a stand in I found online. I want to get everything else in place, before I create a custom label of my own.

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Light. Light the bottle more than the background. Currently the eyes are drawn to the blue in the background but with a few changes to the lighting this could look really good. Look at some product photography examples of bottles, you will find they often use one or two lighting styles. If you use one of those, it will look much more realistic.


Were talking about something like this?

It’s looking pretty good already. You need some post on it, the contrasts are too low.
I think getting some more interesting reflections on the glass would help, refractions as well. Try playing with your environment map (maybe even wrapping that BG tiled to the environment might get you something)

Here’s the same thing processed through ColorEfexPro

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Whoa! That’s impressive work @0rAngE . I get (Now that you’ve pointed it out) that there needs to be better contrast, but what does adding unique reflections do? I feel like having them toned down would mean that they don’t detract from the piece. I could also be off the deep end :upside_down_face:.

Update: I did some post processing on my second render. I think @0rAngE is right, I need to do something about the reflections. After post processing the area lights stand out. I think lighting it with a HDRI instead might help. Anyone have any thoughts, or another idea?

Lighting with an HDRI will cause messy reflections.

Look at some examples of bottle lighting and copy it. You will need bright highlights, not half grey ones.

Adding some condensation on the glass could really add to the feeling that this is a cold refreshing beverage. You see it all the time on beer and soda ads.

@smilebags I did try to copy lighting I saw on some bottled drinks with my second render. I’m maybe not understanding the lighting setup you’re talking about. Can you point me to some reference images or a term I can google? Thanks!

@kittrick Your’re right. I will get on that right now.

soft drinks ads are suppose to be refreshing. so i would steer clear of the purple and definitely not the yellow orange yellow background because they look hot not refreshing.