C&C on your Doodles

Here’s the idea for this thread.
maybe I’m the only one that will do this but if anybody wants to join that would be awesome.

For those models that are really more of doodle, you just make it without having any further plans for it, but you want some feed back on areas that look weak with it. Post it here. That way you don’t have to make whole new thread, and can avoid having any guilty feelings for not finishing it later. :yes:
hmm… I’m not very good at communicating things sorry if that didn’t get the intended meaning across. let me know if you have questions about the point of this thread.

as an example I’ll start with one of mine:

Just made this and thinking some of the transitions between parts looked odd, or is it just me. Thoughts?

Gundam Samus: or something like that

Nice idea. Nothing to post myself just yet.

thanks for the comment BenDansie, I would love to see some of your incredible work here. but apparently this hasn’t flown the way I was hoping with most people, I’ll give it one more chance with this post. (please don’t die little thread…:()

I gave the modal a little more a attention and came across this problem.

I wanted to give a few arm wires and so I have a 3d curve and a few circles beveled on it. but is there a way to rotate that 3d curve on is side? I know I could just put each wire on its own curve, but I’ve run into this before and didn’t have the option of separating the beveled object. (beveling a rectangle for example)

I know I’m not very good, but I figured I’d offer anyways, if anybody wants the blend for this file just ask and I’ll post it. I’m not keeping any rights to it. so use it in your work, claim it as you work whatever.

This doodle could turn into something.

well if by turning into something you mean skill/experience, I would agree. but I think that the model itself has to many design flaws to ever look very good. I think it would take a lot of redoing to make it anything worth calling a finished project.
but as a doodle it serves its purpose well, as I think of something that I want to learn how to model I put it on. which is why I’m doing the one part at a time method and not getting an overall feel and shape first.
but I’m a newer user and could use experience meeting requests. If someone wants to give a direction for this I will try to follow it. just don’t ask for textures yet, I haven’t even touched that.:o

Nice idea with the thread.

ill just post 3 doodles for now, but if i make anymore ill post them.

i hope this is what you mean, like everybody can post there quick pieces of work (but no shinny spheres! haha)


yep, that’s the idea. if you just want to show off something or to get a little bit of feed back on it or even ask a quick question.
those look really nice, the nose looks to big for the girl though, maybe narrow it a bit as well. did you model her after a reference or did you have some particular inspiration for her.

Started a project and remembered one I didn’t have a thread for a while back that got put on the ‘to do later’ file.

Fantasy type creature, may or may not finish

Head in progress, will hopefully end up as a mobster for a 3d print. Poly by poly modelling, aim to do sculpting when base mesh done.

Daniel8488 - I like the little scene, has a very ‘pixar short’ feel, like a kid would come up and try to make it work in increasingly humourous ways until their mum puts a coin in the slot and they get all confused that it was so simple.

Atemporalskill: thanks man, yea i agree the nose is a little large, but the caricture was based on my ex, so i think ill leave the nose that way haha :rolleyes:

BenDansie: thats some awesome work there man!

yea the scene is actaully taking from some concept art i found on the net, it was just a little scene i put together to test external rendering engines, but i actaully ended up choosing the internal since it was faster.

ill post some more work soon! :smiley:

Daniel8488 - cheers! Mobster is getting a bit of sculpting attention.

Others reading this - join in the fun! this could be quite a fun thread to just throw half finished ideas around from a variety of artists. Snippets of creativity flying around, that sort of thing…

That’s awesome BenDansie, I feel like David next to Goliath. (minus that fact that your not trying to kill me :)) well I had another item to post but the blend won’t open and just causes blender to stop responding. it wont let me upload the file on here ether. I’ll put up something else though, but I’m not nearly as proud of it as the other… :frowning:

this is actually really old, but for some reason I can’t seem to get the toon shading to do anything but this… I guess it’s off to google and the wiki’s for me. but even despite that I think this has a bit of personality to it.

Haha, definitely, this was my 3rd skulpt after learning blender had a sculpting ability, ie one to see if it worked, another during IT class when I was bored and had nothing to do, good ol blender on a memory stick. Love it. I’ll probably end up never finishing it.


Cool thread! And thanks folks for sharing your work.

I just had to post my study of the pelvis. In order to learn more about human anatomy, I’ve been modelling it without importing references into Blender, instead reading a lot and keep filling my mind with more knowledge - by now I’ve finally reached a level where I know how little I do know! :slight_smile:

http://lh3.ggpht.com/matshalldin/SLKZ9MJ47GI/AAAAAAAAASE/MtSUzUpLD1U/s144/Femur-005-Toon.jpg http://lh5.ggpht.com/matshalldin/SLKaQtoM6vI/AAAAAAAAATM/S9Or1MwAWh8/s144/Pelvis-007.jpg

Earlier this month I started off (left) with a simple model intended to be used for experimenting with various ways of rigging individual muscles. As I read about the pelvis, however, I sort of became obsessed by it, and by now I’ve spent like 2-3 weeks reading about it. Last week I made a new effort (right) to get more details into the bone. While rendering an animation with a camera rotating around these bones, I discovered a lot more - the pelvis has so many functions, every small detail is there for a purpose and perfectly designed for that purpose - and realized I need to start all over again. I love to model in Blender! :slight_smile:

There are more images in my related Picasa Web Album and a simple animation on my blog.

/ Mats

http://lh6.ggpht.com/matshalldin/SLKasqUdyYI/AAAAAAAAATU/neGvLtlHadY/s144/Pelvis-008.jpg (larger image)

Nod, I made an experiment trying to combine toon shading with SSS. The SSS sort of ended up shining through the subsurfed mesh. Looks cool and probably is useful, but apparently we should all spend more time on the wiki.

/ Mats

hehe, funny effect, Mats.
BenDansie: That fantasy creature looks great! I imagine it as a statue in a temple.

I found this one on my backups. It was a kind of test, when I was trying to figure out how to create a planet halo effect. Then it turned into a little composition, but nothing serious.
It was done with Blender 2.41 (so I suppose that was approx. in 2006), so saddly, no nodes etc. :smiley:

If you’re curious the blend file is here (gzipped - should be no problem for linux & mac users, maybe windows users would need 7zip, unless now windows knows how to unzip those files)

(I can hardly believe I did all this with halos and textures mapped to empties and all, that sounds really complicated now)


BenDansie: I love that face - I really wished I’d ever produced anything near something that detailed. But isn’t it a bit “unrelaxed”? BTW: Thanks for your face tutorial, I hope I’ll get the time to step myself through it one day - no matter how much I Blender, it never seem enough.

Rore: 2006/2.41! Wow, the Stone Age! :stuck_out_tongue:

/ Mats

heh, I apparently need to check the threads better before posting. I just found this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=104388
maybe we should add the cool things here (aka, everything but my crap) to that thread, or just give this thread a new spin to it? because that is pretty much exactly what I thought of when making this.

Edit: except for the posting of blends unless you wanted too, maybe that’s the difference between the threads.

I tend to think it is better to keep things consolidated but maybe you guys already knew about that thread.
This might be cool as a creature specific doodle thread. Only three of the images here don’t fit that category, and they could easily be moved over. what do you guys think?


Hmmm. This thread is picking up a bit, but the other thread is also current. I dont usually look at the blender tests section much which is why I missed it. Moving this stuff is probably a good idea.