C&C please

hi guys, I thought it would be time to post my first project in progress.
After months of studying the tutorials, I managed to find a workflow that suits me, i.e. I model in sketchup from the beginning and I wanted to keep this. So I organized a workflow to import my sketchup work to blender and this is what i made of it, obviously i’m excited but i realize that this is the right moment for Critics and Comments.
Let’s hear,

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That looks good to me, I think I couldn’t do it better. Maybe I would go only for another view from camera.

Wow, nice compliment!

Hi !
I thought C&C was for Command And Conquer :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice work ! I think that you should add a bit of imperfection on your materials, like finger prints, subtle scratches and dust, that will be even better :slight_smile:
Edit: And also have a go with the Bevel input in the shaders to soften the edges just a tiny bit :slight_smile:

thanks for the Command And Conquer :slightly_smiling_face:
I will work on this.
My next YOUtube marathon will be the add imperfections on a material.

You can find some imperfection maps on Poliigon (but they are not free), otherwise you can take a look here:

On this site, they separated imperfections into several categories, so there are scratches, smears, fingerprints…
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this is my most recent attempt, taking into account your remarks.
Thanks for the advice!

Looking good.
I’d consider dialing down the volume scatter, or adding a full ashtray with a smoldering cigar on the table.

The lamp and chandelier I find a little jarring. With modern LED bulbs you can buy something that cool white, but in a room like this I think a warmer white would be chosen. It also looks as if the lampshade itself is emissive. You’ll get more pleasing results by putting a light source inside, and adjusting the material of the shade. The ceiling just above the shade should be most strongly illuminated by the lamp, but in your render it is slightly less illuminated. I knocked up a scene to illustrate:

Keep at it, it’ll come together!

Nice advice, I will try this asap.

Nice ! In fact, warmer color for lamps will be even better.
Funny though, we say warm for color going in the red whereas in light temperature, the warmer the more it tends to the blue.
But in this case, yes going a bit orangy-yellowish would match with the color of the wood, wallpaper and fabrics.
Wanna see your next render :wink:

Hi guys,
what about this?