C Gui

does anyone know of an online tutorial, pdf, or any other format (like a dummy book) on how to program C GUI? thanks…


here’s my thought until someone that have the KNOWLEDGE will answer you
I guess that you don’t program GUI’s in C
You use a “toolkit” to do the task
For ex. in Linux system you can use the GTK one, the QT one or even others:

Yes that’s basically true, C does not have anything standard to program GUIs. GUI functionality is provided by APIs of the operating/window system you use, so refer e.g. to the Windows-API, the X Window system, Cocoa etc…

But some smart people of course created toolkits that feature much easier ways to create GUIs, some cross-platform, others not…
Qt is C++, very object-oriented. In my experience it gives very good cross-platform support, and provides much more than just widgets. But it is definitely not lightweight, and compiling on platforms other than linux is probably nothing for novices. KDE is Qt based btw…
GTK+ is C, and also cross-platform, but i’ve not worked much with it.

Another option would be using OpenGL and (free)GLUT to create a cross-platform OpenGL interface.