C-loop trouble

I’m following the Poles and Loops tutorial pdf. I’ve gotten to the part about C-Loops and they make a loop from a ripped square, but when I try to make that same loop it doesn’t look right. See pic please, help?

your ‘result’ looks like a picture were you painted in a red line, isn’t it? you know that the red line in the tutorial indicates where you should use the cut tool (edit mode [TAB] -> cut [K+LMB])?
if you want to achieve the same result as in the tutorial, just do what they describe.

IF you cut where indicated you get the mesh on the right highlighted i red


Nevermind, I was using the loopcut (shift/r) command. New question though. I’m using the knife tool and I’m cutting like the tut showed, but how you get such straight edges when you cut?

You can set the knife cut to ‘midpoint’ or just select the edges and subdivide.

Gracias, Richard!