C- minus key???

I have a small problem with blender at the moment because i cant upload any plugins. i tried to and it said i need a c- minus key and to download one from blender.nl which as we all know is not running any more.

My question is what is the C- key and where can i get one from?

It is an ancient system to free some functions blocked for non-paying users. It has been abandonned and Blender is completely free since 1.80 I believe. Get a newer version at http://www.download.blender.pl/mirror/ for exemple. Version 2.23 is the newest (free), although I use mostly the 2.22 to avoid an ‘append’ bug in 2.23.

I thought my user screen looked funny i have two versions on the same CD with almost identical names i’ll try the other one is 1.65 and the other is 2.23