C++ Programmers?

Hello, I am Micah, you’ve probably seen me around, I am a very ambitious 14 year old with a hope at a 3D profession. you may have also seen my MMORPG project in the Team Projects section. Here is my blog: fhttp://themysticgame.com/blog/

We have a few decent C++ programmers but aren’t getting too far with the programming because our lead programmer’s computer is out with an error.

I was wondering if there were any other good C++ Programmers that were interested in joining. If you like where this game is going and think you can help in any way (even modeling :stuck_out_tongue: , even though we have some really great modelers already), please reply to this thread.

Also, if you have nothing good to say, please don’t say it. Think before you speak.


Maybe you can sum up the requirements of the project. “C++ Programmer” is a broad field.

What kind of libraries are you using? I have seen from your blog that you are using Ogre3d for the rendering part.

But what about networking? Are you using Zoidcom, Raknet, enet etc.?

What is your target platform (Windown, Linux, Mac)?

Are there any special requirements to a C++ Programmer that need to be mentioned (e.g. Template Meta Programming)?

Yes, Ogre 3D, Raknet, and we are starting with Windows, eventually we would like to release all three, but not for a long time anyways.
No special requirements, we need people that know how to program basic gaming, such as physics, movement, effects, etc.