C.r.a.f.t. 2

Here’s another small game where you use two rockets to get the ship to the landing pad.

There are 14 levels, and this game has a couple new things such as shields and repair kits.
There are also a lot of obstacles and traps such as laser turrets, force fields, and lightning traps.

There is a simple map in the corner to help you avoid crashing, and there is also a warning if you are about to hit something.

I’ve been having some problems with some sounds causing the game to crash, so there isn’t as much sound in the game as I would like to have added.

This game is for Blender version 2.5
Here’s the link:

And here is a gameplay video of the 8th and 9th levels: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7L29X3mpxA

Let me know if something doesn’t work.

Will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

It said that this was a 250 file, so info may be lost. But the Youtube looks cool. I really like the environment and the the fact that you have enemies. Keep up the good Blender work. :slight_smile:

That means you need blender 2.5 to run it.

Oh, that makes sense, silly me.

I must say that the game is incredibly hard if you don’t have the invert controls option selected, and even at that you will need an experienced asteroids player to get through some of the harder levels within a few tries

damn watched the youtube and you made it look so easy

yes, i watched youtube and it looked soooo easy to play, i dl it and damn its so hard. Invers controlls make it easier, i dont think this option would be needed :slight_smile: i like hard games