Hi, how are you?

this is my last model. all was done in blender.


THIS IS THE BEST?COOLEST THING I HAVE EVR SEEN MADE WITH BLENDER!!! Perfect idea is what came up to me when i saw this,only one problem.the lighting.it just looks abit too dull for a work of art like this.BUT OTHER THAN THAT…WHOA!:smiley:

thank you very much
i think also that the image its too shiny(to much ligh, if its wrong the word:p)

es that is exactly what i meant,the light and spec is abit too much which makes it look bad.Are u going to rig this masterpeice by any chance and animate it.if u do want to animate it i would love to see the production and finishing of this short clip:rolleyes: !!anywayz 5 STARZ FROM ME!

well u are of course finished but the head doesn’t look as robotic as it could…

but pretty cool, from concept to finished project!