c-rappy windows icons

I was playing around in windows when I Finally noted that my “My Computer” and “My Network Places” icons were missing. This is a good thing, because the original ones sucked! I need to know how to make my blender renders into ico format.

I believe you just rename .bmp’s as .ico’s.

that doesn’t work perfect

as for Snargle, there are several ways

you can modify your explorer.exe (and other system files) with applications like resbuilder [look it up] to change them there

same idea as changing your start button graphic in windows xp

if you feel l33t you don’t have to reboot into a command prompt to overwrite explorer.exe, you can start a command prompt, start the task manager [control+alt+delete] and kill explorer.exe [ your start menu, explorer windows, and desktop will probably disappar ]. Then do your copying in the command prompt and run [from the run menu in the task manager] explorer [or your copy to experiment with your changes]. of course what I just said only applies to windows xp as far as I know

if you need to save as a .ico your image must at least be square, but I wouldn’t expect a renamed .bmp to work [it only does in some situations]

the gimp ought to be able to save as ico [but apparently not, I know paint shop pro can, and animation shop can save animated cursors…], and there are several icon editors avalible for free [particularly in linux]

oh, you sure they just aren’t hidden? in windows xp they don’t show up by default on the desktop and it doesn’t take much to show or hide them.

display properties, desktop tab, customize desktop button, press checkboxes for icons you want to show [or not] up

The last time I checked Irfan view could save .ico

I would check but I don’t have Irfanview on my computer right now.

yes, it can

the icon has to be 16X16 (i think)