C1 Citreon exterior try


Here is my result so far of trying to create the exterior, as basic as possible, of a citreon C1. It is about ten years old now, but I wanted to give that a try.

I can’t really go any further with it, would somebody like trying to some editing, I simply don’t know how to create the front section.


C1May21.blend (480 KB)

Is the image the problem? They aren’t lined up very well. I had used paint to create the individual image, so select and cut and so on.

Hi, you need to use a different scale to the right side, which is too small compared to the front, or avoid crop images so you have one image for all views, just rotate them in blender.
Watch this tutorial if you can be of help.

Now I try to get the scaling of the views.

Here are the views set.
C1May21_ok.blend (221 KB)