.c3d Import (mocap) Doesn't Seem to Work in 2.69

Greetings. I have a project that requires that I import .c3d (mocap) data from a vicon system and integrate it with a rigged character in Blender. I have searched for information and tutorials on the subject, and have found that there seemed to be some good information in v2.4, where a c3d importer script created empties with correct xyz location information and a related armature. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work in v2.69, which is the version I am currently running. In v2.69, it does import the empties properly (with xyz location information), but no armature is created; if I understand the tutorials in v2.4 correctly, this armature is integral to the overall process and so, since it doesn’t create that armature in with the v2.69 scripts, this is a showstopper…

To summarize, I am looking for procedural information (step-by-step how to guide), and maybe a tutorial to import .c3d file (mocap) information and link the data to a rigged character in v2.69 Blender.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.