C4d to blender

Hey guys I downloaded some assets from cgtrader that are c4d only I have the demo of c4d so I can export them as objs however the materials were done with octane render engine I’m not experienced at all with c4d so I don’t know if I can still get the texture maps from c4d into blender if someone knows a way it’d be extremely helpful as the materials are kind of complex

there are several pitfalls:

  • on export Cinema4D has to write the texture information into the mtl file, so probably you should check if this is the case. Older versions of Cinema4D did not export the tex info, for that reason there have been plugins like Riptide. More recent versions of Cinema4D have improved OBJ export
  • I am not sure, if texture info will be written into the mtl file when using “non Cinema4D” materials. It might be, that this only works with internal Cinema4D materials
  • on import Blender tends not to import the tex files when using Cycles. But a few days ago someone posted about a new OBJ import plugin which might work better.

By the way - you might want to try fbx instead of OBJ, or Alembic.

Fbx would work fine for me the problem I’m running into right now is maxon hasn’t sent me the activation code for the demo license so I can’t export them yet. I’ll add the c4d to this post and if someone could convert them into any blender readable file that would be an amazing help to me

I came to Blender (using Cycles) from C4D after using Cinema since V4 on Amiga. I found the better option, without fail, was to recreate the material natively, rather than relying on a half assed export.

At this point I can recreate the materials well enough but I still would like to get the objects it would take a few hours at least and probably add another day to my project to make them myself and I’m not super great with curves and they’re neon signs if you’d be willing to to export the objects as either an obj or fbx that’d be a huge help

Provided that they were saved in C4D V16 or lower I could do that. (But not until tonight) - I have work first).

Thank you for offering but I already was able the have someone do it but thanks anyway :grin:

Hi Roken, not sure if your offer still stands (2,5 yrs later) but if you are still willing to help with c4d conversion then this is the C4D animation in question. I only have linux so installing c4d demo is not an option for me. Thank you.

Unfortunately I no longer have C4D. However, you will find that C4D certainly up to V16 and possibly later now will work via wine on Linux (that’s how I used to use it), and it works quite well.