Cabin at dawn

Hi, this is my recent work. Thanks in advance for comments and criticism :slight_smile:

Nice work! I am not sure if this was made from scratch or based on existing architecture, but I think the unique style of the cabin adds a great deal of character. To critique the cabin, I can see some texturing on the grey bar in front. However, due to the scale of the cabin, I feel like the texture needs to be scaled down and some more complexity added to the bar to give some realism/story (e.g. what is its material, how was it constructed, how old is it). For example, I like the roof tiles and the planks on the underside (on the far roof side) as they show uniqueness and character (varying textures/shapes) and seem to me to be of the correct scale.

Overall I like the layout and focus of the work! Even though it’s at dawn, some more dynamic lighting (e.g. more distinction between bright and dark, a bit more saturation) I think would bring out the contrast between the ‘warm’ house and ‘cool’ outdoors (if that was the colour scheme you were going for). Finally, regarding the outdoors, I think the grass and mist are really well done (realistic, seamless). However, the colours/shading of the tree leaves seems off to me, in that the leaves are to shadeless, bright, and somewhat round around the edges. Did you make the trees manually, or did you use a program? I have not done much with trees so I don’t have much advice there, but even just darkening the leaves to fit the lighting/theme of the scene might be beneficial! Nonetheless, the art has a great mystery about it, so keep up the good work!

Very nice. The roof of the house looks great. The trees might need some work, the leaves in particular. Also, I think it might look better with a sunrise in the backround, with a reddish light. Very good render overall, though.

@MACEPRODUCTIONS Thank you, I’m glad you like it. To be honest, leaves are my… Achilles’ heel :confused: No matter how long I work on them, they keep look too solid.

@reading. Thank you, too :slight_smile: I made the cabin from scratch, but, TBH, I found a lot of inspirations on pinterest : ) About colours… well, it was even more blue-ish and desaturated previously, but my friend told me to increase the strength of the sun… so I did. Slightly : D But now I see it really could be a bit warmer. Well, at least there’s something to work on.

It looks good and realistic. Composition is nice also. But I think you need to light the interiors. Because it’s almost night and it’s dark inside the house.
That fog effect is not necessary.
A little of glow effect on the lights that are in the exterior over the railing would be nice.

Great work, I loved this architecture. It looks really inspiring.

I agree with Alvaro, you need more light in the interiors, and the fog isn’t necessary. The overall scene is too dark. If you don’t want to light the interior of the house you could also light the background with some kind of sunset environment :slight_smile:

I’m in love with this, seriously. That house is something I would live in! :stuck_out_tongue: I would definitely do something with the stairs, as they seem to stick out in a bad way. Are they concrete? Or are they wood like everything else?