Cabin in the Woods

Hey guys, I just finished my latest project, and my goal was photo realistic. Of course you can critique, but its pretty much done except perhaps a tad more post pro if necessary.

Ultra High Resolution Here!
I hope you like it,

Here is another version for those who liked the second color scheme:

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Looks pretty good. Also has a slight cartoonish edge to it too. :slight_smile:

This is really nice, I wouldn’t say cartoonish (it looks pretty good) but maybe more ‘cinematic’ or ‘hyperreal’. Nothing much to crit here, except I think the lens effects in post are really excessive.

Hey thanks guys, can you tell me which lens effect? Like as in distortion, dispersion, vignette, DOF, dust, or was it more in the contrast, color effects? This is supposed to look like a photo that’s been through Photoshop. I tried to go really easy on the “effects” except for the colors. I may not change this one, but critiques always help for the future.

Oh, and in case you want to compare, the original render is here.

I think there is too much distortion and dispersion, i.e there is a lot of noticeable blur/distortion near the right side of the image. Beyond that it’s fine. My thinking on adding in lens effects is to keep them almost invisible. Real photographers try really hard to avoid these things…

nice work :wink:

Im not sure about that.. I saw your progress in wip section and I liked it but now.. It seems too green to me from far distance. Maybe play a bit with color ramp and try to get a bit more color contrast. The model and composition is great thought. :) I really like it. I dont think you changed the sky to a darker one don`t you?

Its good, one should never overdo the post-process.

I like that it’s slightly hyper real. Still pretty realistic though. I think it’s beautiful. Love the composition. You should print and frame this one.

Hi Jonathan, i really like that piece, and i’m using as my desktop wallpaper. :eyebrowlift2:

That looks really good. Great job! :slight_smile:

@IkariGendo, me too!

Nice work Jonathon, hope you do well in the competition. :slight_smile:

looks really good! :slight_smile:

Wonderful image.
Very well done!!
I agree with all comments on PP.

Excellent work in any case.

Thanks for all the support guys, its really encouraging. I see what you are saying about the green, and I’ll play with it throughout the week, so if I come up with something better, I’ll let you know.
Thanks again,

Nice! You can see plenty of work there. Say hello to your RAM.

I messed with the post pro today, so here is another version. While I think I like this one a bit more because it is more clear, the other looks more like a photo in my opinion.

you were being modest when you said my woods blew your scene out of the water. That looks pretty amazing.

Less post is usually better. the last pic you posted looks much better since there’s less distortion

really nice stuff

Amazing work. The last one is my favorite too

I think the image is great! The chromatic aberration is too excessive, but that’s a minor issue in the grand scheme of things. This is definitely the best render I’ve seen submitted to the contest :yes: If I were you, I’d submit this to the CG Society Showcase Gallery!