Cabin interior

Heres my next project. Im going for a log cabin look.

I got the lay out of the room done, when i put some detail on it ill post the whole thing.

Heres the a gun cabinet, i am going to model some rifles for it :yes: im not sure that im liking the drawers…ill probably change them. and the inside of the door will be glass.

and the fireplace. It will be mostly brick with a wooden beam for a mantle.

sry for the fuzzy renders.

what PC do you have(cores)

its just a 1 core 2.16ghz. thats my old comp though. my new one is a quad core.

I got to mess around on the fire place a little

there pretty ruff looking. just a quick job to see what they looked like.

this one is pretty nasty looking. its just a quick job to see what it looked like.

Does that affect the “fuzziness” of renders? It would make perfect sense for me :frowning:

OT: I don’t see anything wrong with the drawers how they are. I like the rest of the cabinet, too. And the fireplace looks pretty good in the first one. How did you make it shaped like that?

I think it might, ill have to try on my newer pc.

Heres another pic. Yeah I wanted to go with brick for the fire place but I really like the way this looks.

Just up the samples in the gather settings to get rid of the fuzz.