Cabin meadow

Finished this some time ago, I tried to improve my skills in exterior rendering. Used the scene for the Ivy tutorial I posted earlier.


I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

Wow, that’s my first ever featured render probably :wink: Thanks!


You’re #featured! :+1:

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Thanks for sharing the ivy tutorial, but it seems like there is no ivy material in Blenderkit addon and why some materials are lock?

Wow this is so stylish with that fog. I can’t detect a spec of noise/fireflies, did you use volumetrics or did you add that in photoshop or something?

hi erickBlender, the tutorial is already for blender 2.8, and so are these assets. They aren’t visible in blender 2.79.

Some new materials may appear locked when you aren’t logged in(when you paste the API key all materials are always unlocked) - this is a small bug in our database ( we know it and we’ll fix it).

Hi Eddyy, glad you like it :wink: Besides that there was quite some samples,I used a small trick to make the fog - the fog in direction to back is mist pass added in compositor, while the fog on the ground is an object, but it doesn’t go too high (especially, not very much before the camera). This ensured that the render time isn’t crazy (about 2 hours on 3k resolution and I guess 1500 samples).