Cabin on a Cliff

Any thoughts on how to improve it welcome… I no volumetrics just blender mist pass and used color balance node on it in the compositor to turn it yellow, then mixed in an image of volumetric godrays in the compositor. The trees are from botaniq addon, im using both manual placement and a geometry nodes to scatter them with random rotation so it looks like some have fallen down. Im also scattering some photoscanned rocks. I dont think its possible to get the landscape to look good unless i have a photoscanned cliff…

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To my eye, the exposure on this shot is “simply, washed out,” and “washed over” with green. Keep working on it.

Also – in terms of the composition, the cabin is “essentially not there,” and its scale in relation to the treees tells me that it must be a miniature.


Update, added more stuff, changed the composition a bit. Any ideas on how it could be improved?
Its to scale the cabin is about 14 ft high, the Trees are correct scale.