Cabin Scene

Bob Ross is my favorite and I always wanted to make something with his favorite elements, something that looked a bit like his paintings. A happy little tree with a friend, a cabin, a path way through grass field, little bushes etc.
I made the trees with MTree, bushes with sapling, grass was done with GScatter using some inbuilt elements and few custom made.
I hope you liked it, thanks


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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This is amazing work! It does look very painterly - the colors give it such a nice, warm feeling. and the trees and vegetation look great.

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This Image brought me to this site, and now I’ve joined.
looks kind of like Octane lighting, but no matter what, you pulled it off.
Love the Image and the composition.
Oh, and thanks for having me.
All the best to everyone. Ill post soon and update my other links.

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Thanks, this is just cycles and lighting is simply the inbuilt sky texture in world settings. Enjoy the site.

Hi everyone,

Here is the “Behind the Scenes” article of this serene piece of art!

Do check this article written by the artist himself. It describes the process of making the artwork step by step with an insight on making realistic environments in Blender.

Alina Khan
Editor at Blender Nation

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