Cabinet Door Help! (Dwg included)

These are some examples of what I need to do. I’ve watched some tutorials on cabinet doors but they’re all very vague. I have very specific profiles I need to place on these doors and I have no idea how to go about it. Help!?!

first make a cross section for the door’s molding
may be with curve then can add curve with curve bevel!


Well, it was asked time ago here…

That is how you make profile following some catalogue drawing.
Besides this, you gonna need Shear command - Spacebar Search for that.
Hope helps.

Thanks for that picture, but I don’t know how to do the things it’s picturing. can someone direct me to info on how to work with curves? They are not cooperating with me.

And I have no idea how to use the shear command. I can find it easily enough, but what do you use it for?

Thank you for the help though!

This is what I’m currently working with. I made that shape using curves, but its not precise, just a rough shape. And on the right hand side I can extrude it to make a long piece but only one way. If I extrude it and try to rotate it, it doesn’t work.

I’ll try to give some more clues then.
There are no curves in this picture, only mesh.
You need to set background picture with profile drawing; size do not matter, it’s just to work comfortable. For the given profile add one mesh circle, position it and go edit mode. Then, still in edit mode, add another. To select vertices belonging to separate(loose) shapes, hit L while hovering mouse cursor above some vertice.
Select and delete not needed circle’s vertices. Select two vertices and hit F to connect them. Select one vertice and Ctrl click mouse to make a new edge where appropriate.
As a result you have to get the shape like in 2. Now select all vertices and E extrude to form profile.

Shear would be used to make a frame from profile; to make corner 45 deg cuts while not loosing height of profile (red thing).

If you have .dwg, you could try to import that in blender and with some luck it might even work.

Curves are great actually, too. In general, add bezier curve segment, go edit mode, look on Properties Object Data for 2D button(helps not to reach sky while tracing some drawing :)). Then Ctrl click to extend curve and use normal handles to adjust it’s shape. T-panel has Handle type buttons: Vector if sharp corner is needed; Auto most of the time for selected curve points.
Such shaped curve could be used as a profile and extruded along another curve, giving great freedom of shapes. That could be converted to mesh using Alt-C. Usually gives a lot of mesh elements; need to drop down Preview Resolution in Object Data panel from default 12 to something more reasonable before conversion.
There’s a lot more of course, but i hope this would help to get going.

When working with curves:

  • Change handle types to what you need (hotkey V)
  • Toggle cyclic (hotkey alt+C), also fill works (hotkey F)
  • Snap to grid (hotkey Shift+S -> selection to grid)
  • If you plan to convert the curve(s) to mesh (hotkey alt+C in object mode), change resolution values as low as possible to prevent ending up with too much topology after the conversion

Shear tool (hotkey ctrl+alt+shift+S) is view dependent and is needed for example when you want to make a 45° “cut” to a shaped frame piece to get clean 90°. If you just rotate end vertices, the frame piece size changes.

structured_frame.blend (426 KB)

"You need to set background picture with profile drawing; "

Okay, stupid question, how do you put in a background picture?

But Thank you all for the help, I’m starting to think I can actually do this!

Background images are in the properties (N) panel.

(Screenshot by Olson. Used with permission)