Cable Breaking

I hope its obvious, but its supposed to be an elevator cable that is breaking. I think I’m nearly to the point of being done with this scene. I’d like some feedback. I used a hair emitter for the frayed steel cable, which worked pretty well for doing that effect.


i think the cable looks pretty nice… the background could use a little more attention.
a little dirt, scratches, dents or rust would do wonders…rust in case its a metal wall… it might be concrete. very hard to tell right now.
the surface of the lamp looks kinda blurry, too
try to make the materials more distinguishable.
a bit of glow around the lamp would be nice, too.

The background (wall) looks a bit empty. maybe just adding some more pipes or wires would make it more appealing to the eye, coulored pipes/ wires would look good dirt covered and dull. You could also try a bump map to make the back wall more interesting otherwise good job

Thanks for the advice, I tried a few of the things mentioned. I added some image mapped cracks that I made in Gimp using the pencil tool and jitter. I think that worked well. The crack on the left actually has some grey “spackle” in it to indicate that they tried to cover up a crack, but it cracked open again. Conduit brackets are obvious. I also added a lightbulb. Just having the light source alone inside the glass was just illuminating the concrete wall behind, which is what was causing the blurriness that you were seeing.

I also decided that adding depth of field to this image was appropriate and creating a more dramatic effect for the subject. Feels kinda strange to do all that work and then defocus it.

The cable looks good. I would use the rule of thirds for this image :wink:

You mean I should move the light and conduits to the left or should I move the cable to the right?

I think you meant like this.

Hmmm… the cable is the main object of the scene, i would move the camera a little bit to the left and rotate it a bit to the right. As the result the cable is at the right 3rd and the lamp on the left 3rd (the latter is nearly fullfilled :slight_smile: ). And i would bring the cable more to the foreground (nearer to the camera) to give it more importance.

The crack in the wall looks great! I’m not sure if elevator shafts have spiderwebs, but maybe some would make the scene even more reallistic?!

Like this?

I also added another square blueish pipe at the other end because it was starting to look a little too empty on the right side. As for cobwebs. I looked at several pictures of elevator shafts while doing this image and most of them were surprisingly clean and clear of debris.


The squared pipe is a good idea, it gives the viewer more information of the surrounding space. Maybe another wall makes this even clearer. I like the position (in the composition not the blender (x,y,z)) of the cable in the third image of this thread - back to that one and the cable closer to the camera and the image at all works still better. Nice to see that it’s getting better and better :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I ended up using the one with it in the center. It was for BWC #430, so I had a deadline. Its good to think about composition and the rule of thirds though. I knew about it, but just forgot to make use of it. However, I thought that putting the cable in the center made more sense. Its not a landscape photo or something, the cable needs the most attention.