Cable Rigging

I’m fairly new to Blender so I don’t know if this is even possible but I can’t find any good way of achieving this rig.

What I want to do is to rig a bunch of cables that are connected at both ends with both ends being animated whilst having some control inbetween using empties. So for example a cable that connects from the body of a character to the arm without stretching and squashing but bending instead.

So far I have tried the basic setup of using a curve with empties but this just stretches and squashes the curve. If I attached a mesh instead of using the curve mesh then this will stop it stretching and squashing but then it will just slide along the curve so there’s always one end where the mesh will not be fixed in place.

I’ve tried splineIK but this just gives the same result, either stretching or sliding along the curve with only one end staying fixed.

I’ve tried cloth sims and this works to an extent but it’s super tedius to set up and still doesn’t give a good result. This is the same for softbody. I also have a lot of cables so this seems a bit overkill.

I’ve tried simple IK contraints but I haven’t found a way to control mid points. If I chain IKs I can get an empty to control a mid point but it creates a sharp angle unless I use IK stretching which of course is the same problem of stretching the bones and mesh.

The closest I have got so far is using bendy bones with constraints to limit the stretching. Is this the only way apart from a physic sim?

I’ve searched for days trying to solve this issue and I’m supprised there doesn’t seem to be any good solutions. Rigging cables must be something people do regularly. Some solutions work ok for just a small amount of cables where you don’t need much control between start and end points but anything more than that seems almost impossible.

All I really want is a splinIK that can be constrained at both ends and that instead of stretching a mesh or it sliding along the curve the curve will bend in the middle keeping both ends fixed like an IK. So in theory a fixed length curve. I can then control mid points using contraints and a small amount of animation.

If anyone has any tips or knows if there’s an addon capable of doing this It would be greatly appreciated.