Wow your models look awesome! How long have you been doing 3d modeling?

Thanks ElectricBlender, I’m not sure exactly when I started. I probably started around 2003 or 04 with Anim8or. It has taken me a long time to get where I am.

I’d love to, but animating is not something I’m good at. At least not yet. I can give it a try but it probably won’t look very good. I wanted to hold back before mentioning it, but if a kind couple of animators are interested in helping me animate these characters for a film, I’d be happy to share the work with them. Not just yet though.

I thought about that, but felt it would be better to pursue that on a case by case basis. In the event I decide to animate him taking his straps off, I would do it with a setup designed for that particular action.

Anyway, here is what I did. It’s not much at all, just a little more work. I’ll probably have a lot done later today though.


Wow it’s been a while hasn’t it? Anyhoo, I’ve organized my project a bit since the last post. I didn’t want to make the same mistakes I did before, so here are some new rules I’m abiding by.

  1. Always plan before starting production.

  2. Never change the plan after starting production.

  3. Find a middle ground between speed and quality.

  4. Never back step, keep moving forward.

  5. Never rush to the finish line.

Granted, I broke rule 4 but it was necessary after organizing the project. Steed is no longer in it, there are some new characters, and Cable has been rebuilt and simplified for easier animation. Additionally, I want to have all the characters of the same quality, and that was going to be a lot harder with the old Cable. I also had to ditch the tribal look.

I’m working by scene, focusing only on the current scene until it’s done, then going on to the next as though it were a completely separate project (that shares assets). At the very least I should have a few scenes done before tiring myself out - but hopefully the work I already completed will drive me ever forward until I finish.


what’s all that wireframe stuff in the third pic of the first post? ( looking great btw )

Looking good although I think he is a little too brownish at the moment… unless ofcourse he needs to be coumaflaged.

May I ask what infrastructure you use to organize this? Are you using SVN for versioning?

Wow, stunning work! I’d love to see some step by step pictures of the creation process :slight_smile: So much to learn from you!


it looks just great !! you started in 2004 ? thats about the time I started but I didn’t really get serious about this stuff until recently…anyways as I said before the artwork is great !

Love it still. I’m watching, I know, hold your applause