Cablerator: create cables, edit cables, split and join cables, cable cables!

Hey everyone!

So I’m happy to share with you guys my first Blender addon: Cablerator

Cablerator is all about creating and managing cables:

Cablerator is:







Check the manual for full description:


Great job m’mayne, would work great when concepting a cyberpunk/scifi environment.

Yeah, I bought this immediately when I saw it was out. It would be great if there was a collaboration with the author of Hang Down and got some gravity support.

Great job! I look forward to getting the add-on when I can! It looks great!

There are several addons that play with physics but personally I was never able to make it behave they way I want: objects explode, objects do weird things when intersect, resulting splines are difficult to reshape: you may notice you never see any complex scenarios that’d involve physics. So for the moment I prefer to control my cables manually :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for kind works, Blender Market link will be available later next week. Cheers!

This looks fantastic! Does it also behave as a ‘Piperator’? So, for creating more solid, angular piping like this:

I’m currently using Fluent addon for this, but I’d rather not have it installed as I prefer Hops/BC(which now also supports Cablerator)


Personally I think that cables and pipes should be treated differently — cables as bezier curves and pipes as poly curves (since Blender doesn’t allow to mix those on one spline). So Cablerator is all about cables and bezier curves and for pipes I’m planning to release a different addon, Plumberator (Piperator exists already haha):

Plumberator will be able to bevel poly spline points, add segments, create pipe segments…
I was thinking of making something similar to Fluent auto piping thing but I’m still not sure. When I was using Fluent 90% of times I was tweaking it manually anyway, so what’s the point then… but maybe it’s just me.


Makes sense, mate. Maybe a Cable-Pipe combo addon? :wink:

Either way, I’ll be picking this one up. You’ve done a wonderful job on it. Look forward to see what you come up with for the pipes.

Thanks very much for this add-on - lots of fun! :slight_smile: Hopefully this will get at least a bit of traffic in your direction

I especially like the connector function - that little piece of detail really makes a difference on the cables!

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Thank you Justin, I really appreciate that! I’m currently on Edge in the mountains so I can’t really watch it though %) but I will upon getting back to civilisation.

Meanwhile the addon was approved for Blender Market, so you fancy that platform, here you go.

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Y did u put cables on the dog :smile:

My default dog? She always helps with my tutorials :slight_smile:


Just saw that the new update is out! Some really cool stuff in there, looking forward to playing around with it @ttttt


Very nice tool.
My only complaint is the modal menu shortcuts. I think they could use more logical keys. For example : R for resolution, T for tilt, M for move points, P for profile.
Other than that, I’m glad I bought it.

Oh thank you Michael — forgot to post here. Yes, in 1.3 I added quite a lot of new things. The addon is currently on sale on Blender Market by the way

Hey! That’s a fair critic — when I only started the addon I didn’t really have any plans for scaling up the number of modal keys and I hoped to have everything on 4-5 qwerty keys that are together — sdfgh. Two miscalculations: after several updates the number of functions grows; not everyone uses qwerty layout… Well! Whatcha gonna do. Unfortunately in any case there are some keys/names that intersect — so the least thing I could do is to make sure that every function uses the same key for the same action (like S in every function that can change width changes width)

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Yeah, I agree with both: Some logical shortcuts would be nice, but at the end of the day everything should be consistent within the add-on and also with Blender itself. For example, Move is the G key everywhere in Blender, so it would be great if the add-on sticks to the Blender defaults, too.

What I also found a bit confusing at first is “Add Points” when creating a cable. Not sure how the lingo for curves here is, but “Segments” makes more sense to me in the context of Blender. :thinking:

Anyway, great add-on, just bought it today and played around some! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Do you have any plans to extend the possibilities of “Create Mass from Selected Faces”? I see a lot of potential there, especially when you look at what Curve BASHER can do with its Wire Generator.

[EDIT] Oh, one more thing that came to mind: Why do I have to be in Edit Mode to use “Add Connectors”? My expectation on the usage of this was: I select one or more curves, I select a connector mesh and click to apply it.
Also, would be nice if the S key was “Scale Connector” instead of Offset Point, for consistency.

As a person with highly customized hotkeys from years of using other industry standard software I wish Blender made it easier for addon developers to allow users to set their own hotkeys or use ones that exist in the keymap editor. I would guess most moving from other software to Maya, especially professionals, are using the “Industry Standard” keymap vs the Blender defaults.

I have tons of addons that let users set their hotkeys in the addon’s configuration. It’s not any different or more difficult than assigning hotkeys for built-in Blender operations. The addon author just has to add the code to do it.