Newbie here was wondering if there is a tutorial I’ve overlooked that coveers making cables/wires etc convincingly? I am modeling inside of a PC and eventually a network center so I will have all sorts of cables and wires I need to add to the various models I will be using,

This is really a question for the modeling forum. Have some screen caps to show you but this is news and discussion, so I can’t upload them here. Start a new thread.

You could post this in the modeling forum section, and like wise you couild look up cable and wire in the search function there - lots of entries.
To start, you can use a curve with a curvecircle named in the bevel object spot, and then extrude the curve to make the shape you want. You could also use a mesh cylinder, and use a curve modifier to get the form/deform you desire.

There is a Scipt named Cable Guy which produces Cables from Edges.

Perhapes it help’s you:

Hey, Talwyn. I got your message on the Blender Toolbar and created a quick video:

QuickTip Video: How to Make 3D Cables/Wires in Blender

Kernond, nice work!!!